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Olympic Games | Winter Summer Past and Future Olympics

After 1964, the Games return for a second time to the Japanese capital! Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympic Games!


Bids for the 2020 Summer Olympics - Wikipedia, the free ...

There were a total of six bids which were initially submitted for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Tokyo was ultimately elected as the host city at the 125th IOC Session in ...


Summer Olympic Games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad, first held in 1896, are an international multi-sport event, occurring every four years, organized by the ...


Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics | Olympic Videos, Photos, News

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games were the first time that the Russian Federation hosts the Winter Games; the Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.

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2020 Olympics in Japan - Japan Guide

Japan is excited to be the first Asian country to host two Summer Olympic Games scheduled to be held from July 24 through August 9, 2020 in and around Tokyo


World Map of Summer and Winter Olympic Host Cities

World Map of Olympics Hosts Cities gives information about all the nations that have hosted the summer and winter Olympics. Get to know about these cities with this ...

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